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Security Infromation Event Management

Content Summary: SIEM Overview

Security Information Event Management is normally referred to as SIEM and is typically a collection of two technologies, Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM).

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Security Infromation Management

Content Summary: SIM

Security Information Management (SIM) is often referred to as the dumb portion of SIEM, and is typically a Log Management solution. Log management solutions will collect logs from different log sources at high volumes and store them for future reference.

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Security Event Management

Content Summary: SEM

Security Event Management (SEM) is often referred to as the brain of the SIEM solution. To manually analysis millions or billions of logs would require a significant investment in head count. The SEM portion of a SIEM solution will allow automated analysis or the billions of logs looking for unusual behaviours.

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An Overview of SIEM Tips

Content Summary: SIEM Tips

This article includes a summary of all of the Tips from our experts when implementing SIM or SEM within the corporate environment.

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