Scrum Master explains the roles to colleagues in the Scrum project

Scrum is a modern framework for product development. Although many people accept Scrum as a project management methodology, it is not.
Scrum Master should explain to everyone in the company what exactly Scrum is and what are the roles and responsibilities of all its colleagues.

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Review on BVOP Certified Project Manager online program

Online Agile project management certification from – Certified Project Manager

The fully online Agile project management certification of started in 2018. The main focus of the new Agile project management teaching is based on both traditional Waterfall management processes and Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

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Professional Scrum Developer course and Scrum Certification

The Professional Scrum Developer course is really handy and useful for all developers around the world. If today you are at a crossroads deciding on which Scrum course to take and you currently know that you want a more practical Scrum course with fewer theories, consider this article is written for you to help you make your money very well invested.

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Risk management practices in project management

Risk management is a general and widely popular topic in project management practices and you should apply it for every project of your organization. Risk management practices quoted in this article are validated by the Masters in Project Management body PM.MBA.

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