Professional Scrum Developer course and Scrum Certification

The Professional Scrum Developer course is really handy and useful for all developers around the world. If today you are at a crossroads deciding on which Scrum course to take and you currently know that you want a more practical Scrum course with fewer theories, consider this article is written for you to help you make your money very well invested.

There are many Scrum courses available in the market today, with the most popular one is the Scrum Master course. The Scrum Master course is the first Certified Scrum course available in the market that Ken Schwaber introduced back in 2002. The Scrum Master certification course is very well marketed and very well regarded in the market and often compared with other Project Management certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP) or Prince2. Reference:

My career as a Professional Scrum Trainer

During my career as a Professional Scrum Trainer, I have met many different people with many different expectations when coming to a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course from Some of my students who came to my Professional Scrum Master (PSM) class are expecting a more practical and hands-on Scrum course. Most of them want to see how Scrum works and experience a total immersion. The Professional Scrum Master PSM course is not meant for that.

The Professional Scrum Master course

The PSM course is an in-depth philosophical Scrum course mainly targeted for the Scrum Master or servant leaders or managers in an organization. So you are expected to be doing Scrum already in your team or your organization before attending the Professional Scrum Master course of BVOP. Reference: If you are expecting a practical Scrum course, there is actually a very good practical Scrum course from that are already available in the market named Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course. Until today, the Professional Scrum Developer course from is available for Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, and C/C++.

What is the Professional Scrum Developer Course

The Professional Scrum Developer course is an answer to an article that Martin Fowler wrote back in 2009 about Flaccid Scrum. Unlike other Scrum courses, the Professional Scrum Developer course emphasizes the importance of strong technical practices which will lead to a more successful Scrum implementation and most importantly better software. The course will give you a snapshot about Scrum and expose you that Scrum is more than just standing up every day for 15 minutes and a bunch of sticky notes on the wall. The Professional Scrum Developer course is part of our effort to reduce Scrum flaccidity in the Scrum community.

Here are some reasons why you want to attend the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) course from

Not a general course on Scrum

There are not many Scrum courses that are very focused on the roles in Scrum. Most of them tend to be very generic and only covers the surface. While the Professional Scrum Master course is targeted for the Scrum Master, The Professional Scrum Developer course is the course that is targeted for everyone who is involved in delivering software in an organization.

Hands-on software development

Software development is hard and we are very serious about improving the profession of software development. So instead of learning Scrum through playing ball games or build a city with lego, in the PSD course, you will build real software using your computer in 3-4 sprints in 3 days setup. So you will actually write codes in this course. The course is intensive but yet it is very fun. So you can imagine having fun while still coding real software.

Practical but not all about games

The course is very practical with more hands-on practices than theories. I estimate that around 70% of the content is hands-on software development. You will work with a real case-study that is quite challenging, real codes, design-pattern, unit-test, and modern Application Lifecycle Management tools.

Teaches you the art of possible

There are some teams who are still struggling to deliver complete increment every Sprint without falling into the mini-waterfall trap. This is the course where you will learn Scrum by experiencing it yourself. PSD course is an opportunity to experiment with an immersion in Scrum. So you will not be bored to death by a bunch of slides while imagining how to implement Scrum in your organization.


There are many group discussions during the course where you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with others in the room and hear other opinions about how they might tackle the challenges in Scrum.

Learn how to work in a Scrum Team

Last but not least. During the course, you will work within a Scrum team so you will experience the challenge of working in a Scrum team by yourself. In a public course, your team members maybe someone you have not worked with and some of them may be smarter than you are. I personally think this is the big plus for attending a PSD course, the experience of working with someone smarter than ourselves. You can even use this opportunity to feel the effectiveness of pair-programming if you are not doing it already.

Scrum Certification

At the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to obtain the Professional Scrum Developer certification from, which is a worldwide industry-recognized certification, that assures knowledge about developing software with Scrum.

If you are interested to attend the Professional Scrum Developer course but cannot see any public courses near your area, I suggest that you contact the trainers near your area and ask them to run a private course for your team. I can guarantee that it will be the best investment and a great experience for your team and organization.

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