Quality management objectives in project execution

These objectives reflect the general intentions that must be applied to quality throughout the project.

The results support the creation of a technology project that, in addition to the features known to users until now, will have – a graphical interface, a touch screen, its own operating system, the ability to download additional applications from the App Store, the ability to manage remotely. Read the Quality management plan example template for a technology project.

The results are aligned with industry best practices for project management and application creation, uploading to the App Store, creating your own operating system, and remote management.
Make the product easy to use.
Remote accessibility is easy and hassle-free.
Project practices should comply with the recommended project management standards.

All subprojects and completed functionalities and work units.

Compliance with the client’s description of quality and experts in the quality criteria and project charter.
Information mapping
Technical review
Review by the core team.
View team review.
Weekly by topic
Once a month.

All subprojects and completed functionalities and work units.

Aligns with industry best practices.
Align the project to Agile project management standards.
Overview of the core team.
View team review.
Once at project startup.

Once a week on topics.
Once a month.

All subprojects and completed functionalities and work units.

Apply changes for review by the review team.
Documentation, prioritization, requests for change are published.
Apply a change request.

View the comments of the activity team and update the change control documents.
Once a month.
Every week.

Quality control of the project.

The quality control of the project focuses on the results of the project. The control monitors the results to verify that they are of acceptable quality and that they are complete and correct. The table identifies:
The main results of the project to be tested (a test strategy is built for each sub-project, a test plan is developed and strictly scheduled based on the expected functionality)
Quality standards and criteria for accuracy and completeness.
Quality control activities that will be implemented to monitor the quality of the results.
How often quality control activities will be carried out.

Project Manager Advisor

Responsible for ease of use criteria (90%).
Creating and documenting evaluation criteria.
Prototype feedback by criteria.
Review team review by criteria.
Criteria usability test.
Once during initiation of prototype creation.
Weekly while working on prototype creation.
Once a month.
Once upon completion of each stage and release version.

Quality Management Advisor

Accurate inclusion of the project in the framework (100%).

Apply version control to all changes (100%).
Routine audit of developers.
Routine audit of developers.
Once during cycle/stage change.
Once during the cycle/stage change.

Development Manager Advisor

Completeness and correctness of connection and remote control.
A routine test of developers.
Final live test.
Once during development.

Once before removing any temporary or final functional functionality.

Project Manager Workshop

Structuring good learning practices (95%).
Training consultations with trainers.
During the organization of each workshop.
8. Project Workshop Project Manager
Exact communication framework (95%).
Team overview.
Once during the organization of each information meeting.

Product Management Training Plan

Addresses all levels of project management skills (95%).
Group Manager Poll.
View Group Manager.
Overview of the core team.
Sponsor Review.
Once upon the creation of the plan.
Once before the plan is published.

Monthly during the development of the training plan.

Addressing project management gaps.
Gaps (100%).

Assess and report satisfactory deficiencies.
Once in the project completion phase.

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